Goldsmiths MMB Sleep Project

Thank you for volunteering to participate in the 2 week long sleep study aiming to study effective non pharmaceutical sleep aids.

All participants must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Not be taking any pharmaceutical sleep aids at the time of study
  • Must NOT share a bed more than 2x weekly

All Individuals agree to participate for 15 days: composed of two 7 day sessions split by a one day break.  Participants will be given a password upon completion of an initial survey.  This will open your first session.  All instructions will be provided for you.  For a visual timeline please visit the “About” page.


Please Download the ‘Sleep Meister’ app (Iphone only) [directions can be found HERE].


Click below and fill in the survey:  Upon completion you will be given further instructions for your first week of sleep 🙂


Sleep well!